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Argument Structure
― Its Syntax and Acquisition ―

Heizo Nakajima Yukio Otsu
First published:
1993 / 6 / 18
Price (in Japan only):
4,369 yen (Tax Not Included) (224 pages)


The present volume is an outcome of the two special workshops at the tenth annual meeting of the English Linguistic Society of Japan held on November 7, 1992 at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. The ELSJ decided to invite two eminent linguists from abroad, Luigi Rizzi of the University of Geneva and Steven Pinker of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, and the editors of this volume were asked to organize workshops inviting those two linguists as participants. Each workshop attracted the attention of a large number of people at the ELSJ meeting, and there was extremely active interaction between the panel and the floor during the workshops. As a whole, the workshops were a great success.
The papers included in the present volume were all originally presented at the ELSJ workshops with some exceptions. Part I contains papers presented at the Nakajima workshop and the paper by Nakajima, along with comments by Rizzi. Part II contains the papers presented at the Otsu workshop. The present volume is the first in the ELSJ Special Publications Series.


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