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Collected Writings on the Study and Teaching of English

Akira Ota
First published:
1998 / 11 / 10
Price (in Japan only):
7,200 yen (Tax Not Included) (432 pages)


The core of this collection of twenty miscellaneous articles published over the last thirty-odd years is eight articles dealing with the semantics of tense, aspect, modals, and negation in English (compared with Japanese counterparts except for modals).
The author is quite liberal in accepting and assimilating other scholars' ideas and practices irrespective of their theoretical commitments so long as they shed light upon the problems in hand. In the preface he specifically mentions the influence of C. C. Fries, Z. Vendler, H. Kindaichi, N. Chomsky, H. Reichenbach, L. R. Horn, and generative semanticists, but the articles themselves obviously show that he has drawn upon a good many others, some even little known sources.
Apart from the theoretical import, which will be estimated now in a variety of ways from the vantage point of hindsight, most of the eight articles are characterized by the careful examination of many first-hand, spontaneous utterances as data rather than manufactured sentences. This is especially conspicuous in the earlier articles.
All in all, the eight articles as well as other more miscellaneous ones, will tell the readers what the author calls his “pilgrim's progress” or “pilgrim's peregrinations,” which, to some extent, may have been shared by others who have livedlong enough to witness the development of linguistics in the last forty years or more.


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