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Locality and Syntactic Structures

Heizo Nakajima
First published:
1999 / 5 / 30
Price (in Japan only):
7,500 yen (Tax Not Included) (376 pages)


The thirteen papers collected in this volume are those which the author has published in foreign prestigious journals such as Linguistic Inquiry, Journal of Linguistics, The Linguistic Review, or Linguistic Analysis. The collected papers converge on two major topics, locality and elaboration of syntactic structure, both of which have played, and will subsequently play, a central role in development and refinement of generative grammar. These topics are, as the author emphasizes, essential to every linguistic theory, and the findings and data concerning them have to be analyzed in some way regardless of theoretical frameworks.
One feature of the collection of papers is that they are all much concerned with discovery of relevant interesting data, as well as with elaboration of the principles-and-parameters approach. Another feature is that the papers involved are closely interrelated; for instance, the papers published earlier provide a basis for those produced later, which are, in turn, incorporated as part of the more comprehensive theory proposed in the still later articles. Furthermore, most of the papers consistently have to do with the issue of rightward movement, a marked but intriguing phenomenon in English. Just as some of the articles have formed a basis for the subsequent papers of the author's own, the papers in this book will provide a springboard for the future research of other students'.


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