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Present-Day Spoken English
― A Phraseological Approach ―

Ai Inoue
First published:
2007 / 10 / 25
Price (in Japan only):
6,000 yen (Tax Not Included) (288 pages)


This book presents pioneering research results on the phraseology of present-day spoken English. It sets out to make clear what phraseology is about and then discusses the history of English phraseology. There follows a discussion on the method and theory for the study of phraseology, after which spoken English data is presented and analyzed.

The central contention of this book is that learning set phrases, i.e., phraseological units, plays a significant role both in first language acquisition and in second or foreign language learning, and that an extensive enumeration and analysis of phraseological units has to be conducted using a proper method of analysis. This book sheds light on the meanings and functions of such phraseological units as you know what, let's say, etc. and discusses how they are used in various contexts by analyzing and identifying their meanings and functions in relation to their situational, syntactic and phonetic characteristics.

This book also insists that, besides a rich and firm theoretical background, effective corpora for specific purposes are indispensable for the descriptive phraseological study of present-day spoken English.

AI INOUE is a Ph.D. and a lecturer of English Linguistics at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies, Japan. She has co-authored three books on English linguistics and phonetics and has published a number of papers on the phraseology of spoken English and related areas, besides making presentations at various conferences held in Japan and abroad.


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