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Kyoto Working Papers in English and General Linguistics 1

Kensei Sugayama
First published:
2011 / 11 / 21
Price (in Japan only):
6,500 yen (Tax Not Included) (376 pages)


Kyoto Working Papers in English and General Linguistics (KWPEGL) is a bi-annual journal edited by Kensei Sugayama in the Department of English Linguistics at Kyoto Prefectural University, aiming to publicise researches in progress conducted by linguists, research students and research associates in and around Kyoto, as well as external contributions.

We hope that the papers in this first volume arising from the active research community provide further evidence for how much English and other languages have to offer linguistically, and for the wide scope and high quality of current researches in English and General Linguistics. We hope that the reader will find new ideas, analyses and data in this volume which will answer old questions, or maybe lead to new ones, and stimulate further discussion about languages and linguistics.

KWPEGL focuses on the description of English and other languages within the frameworks of contemporary linguistics. The journal is concerned equally with the synchronic and the diachronic aspects of the studies into English and other languages and publishes articles of the highest quality which make a substantial contribution to our understanding of the structure and development of English and other languages and which are informed by a knowledge and appreciation of linguistic theory.

KWPEGL carries articles and short discussion papers on all core aspects of English and General Linguistics, including syntax, morphology, phonology, semantics, pragmatics, historical and corpus linguistics, and cognitive linguistics (grammar).

This volume makes accessible a substantial range of recent researches in English and General Linguistics. Building from fundamentals, it brings fresh insight to the analysis of varied grammatical phenomena. Topics considered in depth include clitics, dependency structure, constructions, Qualia structure and modification, complement patterns, control, and grammaticalisation. The journal is of interest to anyone concerned with all core aspects and linguistic structure of English and other languages.


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