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Essays on Irish Syntax

Hideki Maki Dónall P. Ó Baoill
First published:
2011 / 11 / 15
Price (in Japan only):
5,500 yen (Tax Not Included) (232 pages)


This book is a collection of articles on a variety of syntactic phenomena in Modern Irish, especially, the Ulster variety of Irish. The main purpose of this book is to place in one book what we have discovered about Irish syntax, so that linguistically significant phenomena from one of the endangered languages in the world can be easily accessed by future generations.

This book contains 14 articles, dealing with movement, conditions on movement, case, clause structure, and deletion in Irish. They are arranged in chronological order in line with our investigation of the structure of various topics in Irish syntax. The data in each article present linguistically interesting and rather surprising phenomena, so one can start with any one of the articles in which s/he is interested. It will soon become clear that the articles raise more issues than they solve, which indicates that this book will be a useful reference for interested readers.

Chapter 1 examines wh-movement in Irish, and shows that Irish exhibits subject/object asymmetries, but does not exhibit the superiority effect. Chapter 2 examines whether wh-movement can really create a particular type of chain (aNI, aL, t) in Irish. Chapter 3 investigates the distribution of floating quantifiers in Irish. Chapter 4 deals with the Theme Goal construction in Irish. Chapter 5 examines the distribution of Nominative Case in Irish. Chapter 6 reviews Carnie, Harley and Dooley's (2005) book on verb-initial languages. Chapter 7 clarifies the nature of the two chains (aN, aN) and (aL, aN) headed by cén fáth/an fáth 'why/the reason.' Chapter 8 points out a paradox in interaction of A- and A'-chain formation in Irish. Chapter 9 examines extractability of wh-phrases out of infinitival clauses in Irish. Chapter 10 investigates the chain properties of the mar 'as' construction. Chapter 11 examines the possible patterns of A'-chains in relative clauses in Irish. Chapter 12 investigates chain properties of the comparative construction in Irish. Chapter 13 investigates the nature of A-movement in Irish. Finally, Chapter 14 examines complement deletion phenomena in Irish.


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