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A Cognitive Analysis of the Grammaticalized Functions of English Prepositions
― From Spatial Senses to Grammatical and Discourse Functions ―

Naoki Otani
First published:
2013 / 11 / 16
Price (in Japan only):
5,000 yen (Tax Not Included) (192 pages)


This book discusses the grammaticalized functions of English prepositions, which have received little attention in the context of the traditional study of polysemy. Prepositions have an in-between status of the lexical category and the functional category; they have not only lexical meanings but also grammaticalized functions, which are generally derived from the lexical meanings of prepositions. However, in the literature of traditional linguistics, this continuity between lexical meanings and grammaticalized functions has largely been ignored. Previous studies of the polysemy of prepositions exclusively dealt with the continuity from prototypical, spatial meanings to extended meanings, while ignoring the continuity between extended meanings and grammatical functions.
Responding to this situation, this book deals with grammaticalized functions of prepositions from both cognitive and discourse-functional perspectives. It first describes and classifies the three types of grammaticalized functions of prepositions: grammatical functions, discourse functions and deictic functions, providing a preliminary list of these functions. In so doing, this book attempts to reveal how these functions of prepositions emerge from prototypical meanings through extended meanings in discourse.

Naoki Otani is lecturer of English Linguistics in the Department of European and American Linguistic Cultures at Kyoto Prefectural University. He received his Ph.D. in Human and Environmental Studies from Kyoto University.


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