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A Dynamic Study of Some Derivative Processes in English Grammar
― Towards a Theory of Explanation ―

Kazuo Nakazawa
First published:
2018 / 10 / 23
Price (in Japan only):
5,000 yen (Tax Not Included) (184 pages)


This book is a descriptive study of some derivative processes observed in English and their analyses are offered in terms of English grammar, which phenomena are then seen in the theoretical perspective of Grammatical Dynamism. Focusing on a variety of linguistic facts ranging from certain phonological matters and some idiosyncratic syntactic constructions, to the matters of poetics, i.e. how to successfully interpret the intent of the poet, the author shows the considerable extent Grammatical Dynamism can indeed accommodate. Of particular interest to the readers of this book will be the theoretical innovations the author has put forward. There are two of them. One is the classification of linguistic facts, 'accidental gap' versus 'accidental hap', and the other, modification of Grammatical Dynamism: as a result of this, it can be in the form of a theory of explanation. Thus, in itself, the book is a kind of challenge to invite readers to a new grammatically dynamic research program in linguistics.


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