Argument Structure: Its Syntax and Acquisition

Special Publication of The English Linguistic Society of Japan Vol. 1


Series Foreword Masatomo Ukaji v
Preface Yukio Otsu & Heizo Nakajima vii
[PART I] Heizo Nakajima 1
Introduction to Part I    
Some Remarks on the Psych-Predicate Papers Luigi Rizzi 10
Stage/Individual-Level Psychological Predicates Yoshio Endo & Mihoko Zushi 17
Comments on Endo and Zushi's Paper Luigi Rizzi 35
Reply to Rizzi: Binding in the Minimalist Program Yoshio Endo & Mihoko Zushi 36
A Lexical-Semantic Approach to Psychological Verbs and Anaphoric Binding Takeru Suzuki 47
Comments on Suzuki's Paper Luigi Rizzi 68
Reply to Rizzi Takeru Suzuki 69
A Comparative Study of Omoe and Seem Koichi Takezawa 75
Comments on Takezawa's Paper Luigi Rizzi 95
Reply to Rizzi Koichi Takezawa 96
Linking and Suppress-a Heizo Nakajima 103
[PART II]    
Introduction to Part II Yukio Otsu 123
The Acquisition of Argument Structure Steven Pinker 127
The Acquisition of Verbal-Nouns in Japanese Mari Takahashi 152
Inherent Aspect and the Acquisition of Tense-Aspect Morphology in Japanese Yasuhiro Shirai 185

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