Secondary predicates, VP-intemal subjects, and mutual c-command Hiroshi Hasegawa 1
On a certain nominal use of because-clauses: Just because because-clauses can substitute for that-clauses does not mean that this is always possible Yukio Hirose 16
On the genesis of there-constructions Isao Inoue 34
C-selection and S-selection in inheritance phenomena Takane Ito 52
Across-the-board extraction and a theory of chain composition Makoto Kondo 68
Another type of surprising asymmetry Hiroyuki Ura 86
The role of aspectual features in morphology Yoko Yumoto 104
On the position of INFL in Old English Shinji Saito, Masao Okazaki & Masaharu Shimada 124
[Notes and Discussions]    
Preposing an adverb from a complement Kiji Mega 145
[Review Articles]    
Rizzi: Relativized minimality Yoshiaki Kaneko 154
Kamio: Joohoo no nawabari riron: Gengo no kinooteki bunseki (The theory of territory of information: A functional analysis of language) Ken'ichi Takami 171
Horn: A natural history of negation Yasuhiko Kato 190
Hornstein: As time goes by: Tense and universal grammar Ken'ichi Mihara 209
Jackendoff: Semantic structures Yoshiki Nishimura & Eijiro Tsuboi 226
Ogura: Dynamic dialectology: A study of language in time and space Masatomo Ukaji 244
Goldsmith: Autosegmental and metrical phonology Haruo Kubozono 258
Editorial notes   276

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