Linguistics: In Search of the Human Mind


Preface   v
Publications by Kazuko Inoue   vii
Another Progressive Puzzle Yasuaki Abe 1
On Association of Quantifier-like Particles with Focus in Japanese Hiroshi Aoyagi 24
The Minimal Link Condition and Existential Constructions in English Masatake Arimoto 57
Subcategorization as the Unique Source of Null Complements Joseph Emonds 84
An A-over-A Perspective on Locality Naoki Fukui 109
On Meter in General and on Robert Frost's Loose Iambics in Particular Morris Halle and Samuel Jay Keyser 130
On the Acquisition of Covert and Overt Wh-Movement Kazuko Harada 155
The Syntax of Resultatives Nobuko Hasegawa 178
Psychological Verbs in Reflexive Constructions Yuriko Hatori 209
A Note on Floating Quantifiers in Japanese Yasuo Ishii 236
Featural Sympathy: Feeding and Counterfeeding Interactions in Japanese Junko Ito and Armin Mester 268
Inalienable Possession Constructions in Alamblak Enoch Iwamoto 279
What is Special about the Agent in the Middle? Noriko Kawasaki 307
On Double-O Constraint Chisato Kitagawa 329
VP-Ellipsis vs. NP-Ellipsis Yoshihisa Kitagawa 347
Relevance Properties of English Inversion Takeshi Kohno 373
Advertisements and Woman's Place Shigeko Kumagai 395
Notes on So-Called Head-Internal Relative Clauses in Japanese S.-Y. Kuroda 414
Overt Wh-Movement and Scrambling of Wh-Phrases Kazuki Kuwabara 430
Pragmatic and Discourse Functions of the Rhetorical Negative Question Form, Zyanai desu ka Naomi Hanaoka McGloin 452
Light Verb Make and the Notion of CAUSE Shigeru Miyagawa 470
Wh-NPs and Wh-Adjuncts in English and Japanese Masatake Muraki 504
Irregular Though Though-Attraction Seems To Be Heizo Nakajima 520
The Bilingual Mind/Brain: Do We, Can We Know Anything about It? Wayne O'Neil 540
The KP Analysis of Nominal Phrases Shin Oshima 560
Wh-Quantifier Interaction and the Interpretation of Wh-Phrases Mamoru Saito 588
TP Internal and TP External Agr-sP Shichiro Tanaka 622
Definiteness and Bare Noun Phrases in Japanese Wako Tawa 652
Some Comparative Notes on Resultatives Ryuichi Washio 674
Multiple Theta Marking: A Preliminary Study Akira Watanabe 708
On the Metaphorical Mapping of Image Schemas and the Emergence of Subjective Meanings Masa-aki Yamanashi 737
Categorial Status of the Question Morpheme Ka in Japanese and Bare Phrase Structure Miyoko Yasui 754
Economy Considerations and Wh-in-situ Tomoyuki Yoshida 773

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